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Birbal Advice Counselling Services

Birbal Advice is a first of its kind, one stop solution for all your career related queries. We are the leading career counsellors in Mumbai. Our career advisors offer you highly professional advice based on your academic qualifications, work experience and skills. We provide our students appropriate study needs keeping in mind the budget, city and other preferences of the students. The counsellors conduct a series of psychometric tests which are analysed carefully by the counsellors to ensure that the perfect choices are offered to the students to make a flourishing career.

Birbal Advice offers free online career counselling to sort out the career problems every individual faces in their young phase of life. We empower our students with the latest career updates through a series of free psychometric tests. Our career advisors online are experts in their fields and have deep knowledge of the various career options. They carefully analyse various courses and talents according to the candidate’s personality, and abilities. To avail our online career guidance services the candidates need not travel long distances to avail the correct advice. They can take the career guidance test from the comforts of their home and the results are available online to the candidates.

We have the best team of counsellors to provide the best career options based on thorough assessment of the individuals professional assessment, career interests, and the work values of the students.

Career advice has many dimensions to it. The key factors include:

  • Career test
  • Career counselling

Our career advisors provide both these key factors in our career counselling services. Every individual is assessed carefully through a series of psychometric tests, and their academic qualifications are taken into consideration to recommend the most suitable career options.

Birbal Advice will help you discover the best career to turn your passions into reality and get into lucrative career options with the perfect guidance. Our services are offered in various settings. Students can visit our centre to get guidance face to face with our counsellors. The individuals can also avail personalised online career counselling services.

Birbal Advice offers superior career guidance services to all your needs- be it stream selection, career selection or even job placements. We offer career counselling after 10th and career counselling after 12th too. It enables the students to discover the next career move, accurately matching your skills, interests and career goals. Discovering the perfect stream cannot get easier, than at our leading education consultants in India. Students can rely on Birbal Advice to get assistance and guidance to get place in the deserving educational institutes and universities. Our education counsellors are committed to assisting the students in the most suitable university placement.

We have close associations with the best institutes all over India with application forms, broacher’s, and handbooks of the appropriate institution. Our counsellors’ guides you in every step from filling up the application form, to certification of documents and follow up with the institutions to help you in every step of your career path to achieve your goals. We possess a team of top qualified counsellors who specialise in their field to help students pursue their passion and achieve their career goals.

Birbal Advise are leading as the top career counsellors in Mumbai in reshaping and giving the direction to all students life to transform the budding talents life to a blooming and lucrative stage. There are hundreds of careers to choose from, we help you choose the correct path.

‘Be who you are, and get into the right place- step into Birbal Advice’