Career Test

What is career test?

The free career tests will help you discover the career interests’ ideal for you. The career assessments will help you discover your career personality type and your level of interest. Our experts will analyse the results for the best career development advises. The career guidance is essential by the team of experts to make the wisest decision to land up at lucrative positions. We will help you find the career ideal for your personality and interests.

A Psychometric test is used to identify the skills, knowledge and personality of the students. This test is very helpful to provide career guidance to the candidates to make the most perfect career choice.
  • 1. Personality assessment
    Personality assessments tests embodies the strengths of the candidates and their personality types which helps our expert career counsellors to suggest suitable career options according to their strengths and personality traits.
  • 2. Ability assessments
    The ability tests assess the potential of the candidates in terms of the total intellectual potential of the individual. It gives a generalised overview of the individual strengths and weaknesses. It measures the ability of the candidates to solve, analyse and solve problems. It is widely used to assess the capacity of the candidates for a job.
It involves a series of tests designed to measure an individual’s abilities in the different fields such as mechanical, verbal, personality, numerical, and space relations. It assesses the job aspirant’s abilities to appropriately give career guidance on the most suitable positions for them.
  • 1. Interest Inventory Test
    It is a test which determines the interests of the candidates in the field of career and leisure activities. The assessment measures 12 dimensions of interests to determine the most appropriate career options.
  • 2. Abstract Reasoning Test
    The abstract reasoning test measures the aptitude to reason logically. It is a part of all job assessments to measure the lateral intelligence of the candidates.
  • 3. Numerical Ability Test
    This test covers all basic mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number sequences, and percentages. It is also sometimes known as the speed test t determine the basic numeracy skills.
  • 4. Verbal Ability Test
    Verbal ability tests are essential part of employers to assess thoroughly the grammar, vocabulary and command over English Language. Communication is an essential element of any job, and verbal ability assessments tests just that.
  • 5. Mechanical Reasoning Test
    The mathematical reasoning test demonstrates the candidate’s ability to deal with numbers accurately and quickly. It assess the knowledge of the individual for ratios, percentages, data interpretation, financial analysis and currency conversion.
  • 6. Space Relation Test
    The spatial tests measures the candidate’s ability to manipulate two dimensional and three dimensional images to test their thinking and reasoning skills.
  • 7. DMIT test
    It is a truly scientific based test to measure and understand the individual’s potential and personality. It is used by the career counsellors, career advisors and education consultant as a great tool to measure the intelligence and personality traits.
  • 8. Aptitude Test
    The ability tests are designed to assess the logical reasoning and thinking capabilities of the individual. It is used for initial screening for all job positions.