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Mapping a career path becomes more manageable if you figure out your abilities and potential. At Birbal Advice, we help you to identify the career opportunities which are best suited as per your intelligence and skills. We conduct a series of Psychometric and DMIT tests that will ensure your child makes a perfect choice and build a flourishing career.

Our efficient career planning program will help students make a smart career decision. Get a better understanding of yourself - simply through our accurate data and scientific decision-making tools. Birbal Advice is your one-stop solution for all your career-related concerns. We are amongst the top career counsellors in Mumbai.

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Why Career Guidance is Important ?

India holds an alarming student-to-counsellor ratio of one career counsellor for every 250 students. Due to this, over 90% of the students deprive of getting the right career guidance at the right time. Thus, their career took a nosedive. In the wake of new career avenues due to emerging trends and techniques across the globe, we must fill up the gape hole. Right career guidance will make the key difference in your life. However, you can accomplish your career goals by evaluating your skills and interests. We can help you discover your hidden talent and achieve smart success with the right career guidance.

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Why It's A Game Changer For Your Students

Career Guidance

Career Guidance on more than 200+ career option.

Psycometric Test Questions

Psychometric test with more than 500 questions on Aptitude. Personality and interest.

Unlimited Answers

Unlimited Answers to all your career related queries on call and Whatsapp.

Career Selection

End to end decisions from career selection. stream,electives to exam.

Detailed Scientific Report

Detailed scientific 38 page report of DMIT Test and Psychometric Test.

Multiple Counselling Sessions

Multiple FREE counselling sessions with study plan and study techniques.









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Free Career Counselling

Get a Free Career Counselling at Your Home

Most of the times people like your parents or relatives might enforce their decision on you. But, if you wish to make the right career decision you should follow your instinct and intellectual capability. Meeting a career counsellor will help you to identify your true potential. Our certified career counsellors will visit at your home to discuss some of the promising careers based on your aptitude skills and interests. They will boost your confidence and give a complete career counselling.

Come out of the clutter and focus on your dream career, today!

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