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How to decide on becoming an Astronaut?

In order to become an Astronaut one needs to have high-level education in scientific and technical fields with excellent proficiency in research backed by the use of computer systems and applications. Furthermore, having experience as a test pilot or flight engineer could act as a bonus. In addition to this one must also be in great physical condition.

Can I become an Astronaut in ISRO?

Yes, you can now since the ISRO has future plans for enrolling their own astronauts for space missions. The first Indian crewed space mission is set up for December 2021 but only candidates from the Indian Air Force would be considered for this particular mission. One can sure start preparing to enroll as an astronaut for future missions.

Who was the first astronaut to go into space ?

The first human to go into space was Soviet Yuri Gagarin in the year 1961. The spaceflight orbited the earth in space for around 108 minutes.

Who was the first Indian Astronaut to go into space ?

The first Indian Astronaut was Rakesh Sharma.

What are the requirements to become an Astronaut?

i) Bachelor’s degree in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM subjects).

ii) The individual must have great eyesight of 20/20 vision, similar to that required off pilot. 

iii)All candidates must pass a physical in order to qualify for astronaut training of astronauts.

iv) Candidates are expected to satisfy a specific height requirement. 

v) 1000 hours of jet pilot experience is always found desirable during the selection process.

vi) One must survive the ‘vomit comet’. 

What are the eligibility criteria needed to become an astronaut at ISRO?

i) Indian citizenship.

ii) Both male and female candidates can apply.

iii) The candidate must be medically and physically prepared to endure the difficult conditions in space for a long time.

iv) Undergraduate degree from a recognized institution in one of  the STEM disciplines or Aerospace Engineering. A Masters or Ph.D in the same would be even more beneficial.

v) The candidate must have good English proficiency, considerable flying experience as well as psychological strength. 

vi) No set age, height or weight criteria has been disclosed as of December 2019.

What are the eligibility criteria for the ICRB examination ?

i) Individuals must complete 10+2 in Science stream from a recognized board.

ii) The candidate must have a degree in B.E./B.Tech with a minimum aggregate marks of 65%.

Can non-US citizens join as astronauts in NASA?

Non-US citizens can refer to the following agencies for requirements needed to become an astronaut:

i) European Space Agency

ii) Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

iii) Canadian Space Agency

iv) Russian Federal Space Agency

v) China National Space Administration

Are Commerce students (10+2) eligible to become Astronauts?

No, unfortunately in order to become an astronaut must have Physics and Mathematics as their compulsory subject in 10+2.

What is the syllabus for ICRB Exam required to become an astronaut?

The ICRB Exam will test you on questions related to the post and the field along with General Knowledge and English Grammar.

What is the exam pattern for ICRB Exam?

i) All questions are objective based.

ii) The total duration of examination is 90 minutes.

iii) There are three papers in total - Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

iv) For each correct answer 3 marks will be given.

v) Total of 80 questions will be asked.

What is the selection criteria for ICRB Exam of ISRO?

The cutoff varies from year to year and is decided by the selection committee.

What is selection criteria for astronauts at ISRO?

To qualify as an astronaut, an individual must fulfill the following criteria:

i) Physically fit and sound mind.

ii) Excellent performance in academic history.

iii) Fulfil the required height and weight criteria.

iv) Have good eyesight mainly that of 20/20 vision as required off of pilots.

v) Degree in STEM subjects or Aerospace Engineering. A Master's degree or Ph.D could add more advantage while selection.

vi) In order to join ISRO one must also clear the JEE Main examination with exceeding score along with the ICRB Exam.

vii) English proficiency is mandatory.

Which are the top colleges for STEM major?

i) MIT

ii) Harvey Mudd College

iii) University of Connecticut

iv) Tuskegee University

v) IIT, Khargpur

vi) BHU, Varanasi

vii) IIT Mumbai

viii) Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology

ix) Birla Institute of Technology and Science

x) Vellore Institute of Technology

What is the fee for ICRB Examination?

The fee for ICRB exam is Rs.100.

What is the salary of an astronaut ?

The salary of an astronaut depends upon the level of hierarchy and experience. The salary ranges between 42Lakhs to 92 Lakhs (Annual).