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Why is Career Counselling important in India?

In today's highly uncertain times, for financial security, you buy insurance. For health security, you purchase health insurance. But when it comes to career security, most of the individuals still lack the resources and right career guidance. Birbal Advice is your one-stop career counselling center in Mumbai that will help your child to choose the right career as per his or her skills and interests.

Peer or Parents would impact their child's career decisions.

In prior days, when students wanted to choose a career, they would talk to their peers or parents. However, they would suggest career options which they had pursued. Students didn't consider what they liked, and by the time they realized it was too late. This is where planned career guidance can make a key difference in your life. With a career counselling team, students can explore their intellectual powers, personality, and interests for the right career planning.

Advertisements are influencing student's career decision.

Today most students decide their careers influenced by the advertisements. Statistics say while 35-40% of the individuals choose their career because of their parents' influence, while 15-20% decide it through advertisements. Thus, a whopping 60% of the individuals determine their career opportunities influenced by parents, rumours, or other unwanted mediums.

Let's take an example - A couple of years ago, many individuals would pursue telecom engineering because many telecom companies were coming into the picture. However, if you see today, there are only a few companies left. Due to this, there are hardly any jobs in telecom engineering, and thus, they have to switch their field.

90% of the students lack awareness about right career guidance.

India has an alarming student-to-counsellor ratio of one counsellor for 250 students. Almost 90% don't get the right career guidance due to which they pick a wrong career and fail to achieve success in life. It creates a dire need of right career planning for the young aspirants in India. On the other hand, in this era of emerging trends and new career avenues; parents are completely puzzled on which career option will prove suitable for their child? Therefore, the right career guidance at the right time becomes the 'need of the hour.' Top-notch career consultants in Mumbai can guide your child to pick the right stream for their desired career field.

Right career guidance can improve your academic performance.

As per the recent survey report, 17 lakhs students appeared for the S.S.C Exam in 2019, out of which 77% cleared it. However, compared to 2018, where around 63k students scored above 90% & above, mere 25k were able to meet the figure in 2019. While 125 students were able to score a perfect 100%; it was just 20 students who scored a perfect 100% in 2019. Researchers say the changing exam pattern has contributed to such dipping results. It shows that if you're able to explore your child's skills and interests, they can score excellent marks in their exams. Meet a certified career to unhide your child's inborn talent and skills today!

How will Birbal Advice help you?

Birbal Advice provides superior career guidance services for all your needs - be it stream selection, career selection, or job placements. We understand your strengths and reveal your intellectual powers through a series of psychometric and personality tests. It will help you choose the best field wherein you can utilize your true potential and talent to its full capacity. Our certified counsellors will mentor you at every stage from filling up a form to certification of documents and follow up with the institutions. Turn your passion into reality with a personalized career planning program at Birbal Advice.

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