What Is D.M.I.T ?

DMIT stands for 'Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test.' It's a scientific analysis of your fingerprint patterns. The term Dermatoglyphics originates from two Greek Words: Derma = Skin and Glyphe = Curve. Every individual has unique Fingerprint and Dermal Ridge Pattern. Even twins have fingerprint differences.

It's a test that helps to understand an individual's personality, intelligence quotient and learning style. Under this test, your child's fingerprints are examined to know their brain progress. It gives a diverse picture of your child's behaviour and intellectual powers. You can know about your Superhero's inborn talent, behavioural pattern, mind-set, reasoning power, Intelligence Quotient level, and more.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Who Can Do DMIT?

DMIT For Toddlers

(Age 1-4) DMIT For Toddlers

From birth till three years there is a lot of bonding and collection of different things by the child's brain. It's at the receptive best during this tender age. If you are able to gauge the toddler's potential at this early age, you will be able to make the best decision about their education & career choice in future.

DMIT For Children

(Age 5-12) DMIT For Children

From 4 years onwards till twelve, the brain begins to organise and weed out unnecessary things. Children are very curious to absorb things. It helps to discover their intelligence and learning ability, it gives you a clue on what stream or course they should opt for and what activities they should spend more time on.

DMIT For Teenagers

(Age 13-18) DMIT For Teenagers

Teenagers are more aggressive learner because their mind begins to harness the true potential and build their identity. Their learning styles and efficiency to grasp at a better pace will help them to improve the career choosing experience. It acts as a guideline on what career-oriented stream or course should children opt for.

DMIT For Adults

(Age 19 & above) DMIT For Adults

You have unleashed your hidden talents and true working potential. Some connections are taken ahead; many are left aside in the past world. When you genuinely understand your intelligence quotient, mental skills, and personality traits, you can make smarter career choice. It helps to develop smooth communication and build better relations.

Benefits To Parents

DMIT is the best way to help parents make the right decision regarding their child's career path. Your Superhero can push their talents into strength, follow their passion, and turn their dream goals into reality.

Take a DMIT test

Take a D.M.I.T test to:

  • Know your intelligence quotient & personality
  • Understand your learning style
  • Build your self-confidence
  • Pick the right career option
  • Create better growth opportunities
  • Save your money + time + energy
  • Reduces stress for your parents

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