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The DMIT test is the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test and is a scientifically and medically proven method of revealing intelligence, inborn skills, talents and potential. When the DMIT is applied to children, it is an excellent tool for parents in knowing what their child’s innate abilities, naturally occurring brain activity and ultimately their overall potential are, they can then more effectively foster and support their children’s natural talents with nearly pinpoint accuracy.

Any child or individual above 2 years age group can take DMIT Test done at Birbal Advice.

For DMIT Test we require fingerprint of person. You can visit a Birbal Advice center to give fingerprints of child and after that within 48 hrs you will get your detailed report of 40 pages. After that there will be 2 counselling sessions. In the first session we will find out the interest of student based on report and counselling and we will finalise the career. After that in the second counselling session we will give a proper Career Planning and we will design a Career Path for your child.

Yes, there will be 2 counselling sessions after DMIT Test. Both sessions will be covered in the same price irrespective of counselling hours.

Approximately one counselling session takes 2 hours to 2.5 hours. It varies from person to person.

Yes, through DMIT you will be able to know your learning style i.e Visual Learner, Auditory Learner or Kinaesthetic

Yes, DMIT gives accurate result up to 95%

DMIT will help you to discover Personality of your child, 8 Multiple Intelligence skills of your child, Suitable Learning style, Various Intelligence Quotient, Extra Curricular Activities and Suitable Career Options.

1. Emotional Intelligence Quotient
2. Creativity Quotient
3. Intelligence Quotient
4. Adversity Quotient

1. Emotional Intelligence Quotient
2. Creativity Quotient
3. Intelligence Quotient
4. Adversity Quotient
5. Musical Intelligence
6. Interpersonal Intelligence
7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
8. Naturalistic Intelligence

FAQ for Psychometric

Identifying the API (Aptitude, Personality and Interest) of the child is the key to choosing the right career. His/her comfort in particular subjects at grade 9 and grade 10 and further at grade 11 and 12 shall help us understand his/her aptitude .Observing the child while being engaged in different activities will give us an insight about his/her personality. Activities which really interest him/her choose the right stream. You can also take help from an Expert Career Counsellor. Get the child’s API testing done at Birbal Advice. We will do Brain mapping of the child to help him/her choose the right stream.

If you want to know Personality, Interest and Aptitude of your child then you can take Psychometric Test. Students above 8th standard and above can do a Psychometric Test to know strength and weakness.

Meet a Birbal Advice expert. Get the child’s Psychometric Test done at Birbal Advice. We will do scientific mapping of the child to help him/her choose the right stream.

Meet a counsellor. Get a child’s Psychometric testing done at Birbal Advice. After the scientific mapping of brain. It will help him/her to choose the right Career. After that through counselling sessions we will to Goal setting and in further counselling goal tracking will be done. Which will help your child to be firm on his/her decision.

Students above 8th standard can do Psychometric Test. Psychometric Test is applicable for 8th to 12th Standard also for Graduation and Post-Graduation.

There are a total of around 500 questions is Psychometric Test.

There are following sections:
1. Personality Test
2. Interest Test
3. Aptitude Test

You can take Psychometric Test online from your home. You just have to send enquiry to Birbal Advice. After that our representative will guide you on how to take test.

It would take 1 hour 45 mins to complete psychometric test.

Students from any stream or degree can give psychometric test. For exp. Engineer Graduate, Commerce/ Science / Arts Graduate. There is not any specific domain.

Psychometric Test