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How to decide on your career?

'Sharmji ka beta engineering Kar Raha hai IIT se, Tu Bhi engineering kar. But har Ek ladka Sharmaji ka beta Nahi Hota na....' This is an ideal scenario in our society when it comes to picking a career for our children. Students are enforced by their parents' desire and decision, which proves fatal for their career and professional life.

No! Don't run a rat race like others; instead, choose your career wisely. To choose the right career opportunity, you need to have a thorough understanding of skills and interests. Only then you'll be able to find what courses you can opt for? By helping you discover your hidden potential, figure out your strengths and weakness, Birbal Advice helps you to make the right career choice.

Explore your talents and skills with the right career guidance.

Stats show a whopping 92% of children don't get proper career-related guidance since their schooling age. Decision made by their parents or peers, advertisements often make or break their career. However, career consultants have a team of certified counsellors who will understand students, tap their skills through psychometric and personality tests, and suggest a suitable career choice for them. The decision made after thorough research on your child's area of interest and skills will help them taste success. Students who want to be successful can take help from these career counsellors, learn about the new career avenues, and choose the one that's best suits their profile.

Importance of choosing a career after exploring your skills.

Career experts say, 'There is a vast difference between a regular career choice and picking a career after exploring your skills and interests.'

Let's understand this with an example:

Choosing a career with a regular approach:

Rohit is a brilliant student and loves everything about the construction and civil field.

He decides to become a civil engineer after consulting his parents and peers in his family.

For this, he chooses the science stream and after his H.S.C, he attempts for JEE entrance Exam.

He gets admission to civil engineering and soon he graduates in civil engineering.

He secures a job in one of the top-notch company and he is quite happy with the initial days of his professional life.

After a couple of years, he realizes that he used to enjoy designing, and drawing innovative building concepts & structures.

He was not happy about visiting the construction sites, contribute designs or oversee construction of bridges, roads, etc.

He then realized he should've picked a career in architecture rather than civil engineering. It was a setback in his life, but it was too late for him.

Rohit ended up making a wrong career choice because there was not a planned career approach and guidance for him. On the other hand, his friend Prakash approached one of the top career guidance counselors, who guided him to choose a career-based on his skills and interests. Let's see how:

1. Find

Firstly, the team conducted few psychometric and personality tests, to 'Find' his skills and interests. Based on this, the team came up with three career avenues for him – Civil Engineering, Architecture and Town Planning.

2. Fetch

The team then 'Fetch' the information on the relevant streams and entrance exams for these kinds of career avenues.

3. Finalize Career

After a brainstorming discussion with Prakash and his parents, they 'Finalized' a career for him. He wanted to become an architect.

Additional Information

To become an architect, he should choose a science stream with mathematics subject in the syllabus. He has to clear NATA or JEE Main II exam, and he can secure admission at J.J School of Architect – one of the finest institutes for architecture in Mumbai. Silica, Mumbai would be the best coaching academy to score excellently in his academic studies.

Isn't it planned career guidance for your child? So, discuss your career options with certified counsellors and choose your career wisely, today!

Give your career a head start with Birbal Advice way.

Whether you're trying to tap your true potential or advance in your existing career field, Birbal Advice will help you in your career planning and give the right guidance at the right time. Our various career assessments, quizzes, and other resources will help the student make a critical career decision. You can speak to our counsellors on the phone or chat online anytime, anywhere.

We'll decide your career over three factors i.e Find, Fetch and Finalize career. Based on the F-Factor we explore your true skills and interests to finalize a career for you. It's rightly said, 'A great career without a great education is only a dream.' We will help you realize your dream and achieve smart success through the right career guidance! Follow your heart & intuition to choose a career you love with Birbal Advice.

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