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How Birbal Advice helped Harish to revive his career in the digital marketing field?

My father had chosen my career even before my birth. For him, I should have been a civil engineer. Once, I pursed my class 12th, I was forced to opt for a professional course on my dad's willingness. Just like any other student, even I felt running a rat race to fulfill my parents' dream and kept on studying engineering. For the first two years, it was a nightmare for me as the complex theorems, diagrams, and practices would make me go mad. But, I couldn't do much about it except continue to study engineering for my father.

His desire for right career guidance made Harish visit Birbal Advice - One of the best career guidance counsellors

When I was in the third year I got flunked and was scolded very severely by my father. It was a breaking point in my life, and for the first time, I gathered all my courage to speak to my dad. I said, 'Dad, I am an average learning person, and it is tough for me to grasp the civil engineering theory. I don't want to pursue studies ahead.' Listening to this my father was quite angry, but my uncle intervened and assured me that I can choose a career field of my choice. However, I will have to finish my engineering studies as well. Although, I agreed to live up to my father's dream; however, my career seemed to take a nosedive. I was quite tensed for my future. This encouraged me to take a career counselling and randomly Googled for the 'Best Career Consultants in Mumbai.' Over here, I came across with Birbal Advice - The one-stop career guiding solution.

Right career counselling helped Harish to explore new career opportunities in the digital field

With Birbal Advice, I took a psychometric career test which tapped my skills and interests. They figured that I had a keen interest in digital platform and also possessed strong analytical skills. Therefore, they showed me some inspirational digital career videos and introduced me to some of the digital experts as well. After thorough research, their career exploration team suggested two great options - a digital marketing expert or a media planner. Since I had more interest in the ever-flourishing digital marketing industry, the team asked me to opt for a digital marketing course. They helped me find a suitable digital marketing course and also suggested some of the best firms where I could join as interns. I soon got the role of PPC executive in one of the top digital agencies. My boss was quite impressed with my strong analytical skills and a business-oriented mind. He gave me a permanent job in the digital agency.

With Birbal Advice, Harish found his dream career and a place full of opportunities to grow.

It was just a beginning for my astonishing career in a digital marketing agency. I soon started going for meetings and develop effective campaigns and strategies. I started enjoying my work and devoted all my time to it. To my surprise, I was promoted as a PPC Manager in the firm. My combined effort with the Birbal Advice career planning team helped me choose a dream career that I was totally in love with.

Other than this, the career planners also gave me some effective tips that boosted my confidence and improved my learning ability. While completing my digital course, I got some time reserved for my civil engineering preparation as well. Very soon, I cleared my civil engineering and fulfilled my father's dream. It was dual happiness for me in life.

Here is what Harish wants to share with the audience about Birbal Advice.

'Birbal Advice has helped me revive my career that was rapidly sinking in tough waters. I've seen many career counselling centres in Mumbai, but Birbal Advice gives an unbiased opinion and genuine career guidance tips. Their career planning team is quite friendly and willing to take this as a challenge and mentor you like thorough professionals. They are neither misleading nor give fake assurances. They will exploit your true potential, skills and then develop a plan to help you achieve your career goals. Thanks! You're smart and witty like 'Birbal' to advice students with the right career move in life!

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