Psychometric Test

Psychometric Test Report Story

What is Psychometric Test ?

Psychometric test is designed to measure candidate's interest towards particular stream or course based on his or her personality characteristics and aptitude skills. It's your key to unlock the doors of career-related questions.

Psychometric Analysis test is an effort to help students understand their area of interests for different career options. Students who participate in psychometric aptitude test are assessed on multiple intelligence. The test report consists of numerous intelligence score of student and the suggested careers.

(What you want to do ?)

An interest is an attraction or likings. Choosing a career based on your interests will drive you to perform better. It should be taken into consideration when mapping your career path.

(What you should do ?)

It's a unique characteristic of every person. Knowing your personality will help you to map a career as per your interests and lead to improved efficiency & better job prospects. Few types of personalities we come across in day-to-day lives: Shy or proactive, Realistic or Imaginary, Disciplined or Carefree etc.

(What you can do ?)

It's a peculiar quality you're either born with, or you build over a period in your life. Knowing your aptitude skills will enable you to map them in your interests, and lead for a promising career path. Some aptitude skills people possess: Mechanical Reasoning, Situational judgment, Inductive reasoning, etc.

Who Can Do Psychometric Test?

8th to 10th Std

Psychometric Test for 8th - 12th standard will help students to identify the best career choices based on their Aptitude skills, Interests, and Personality with more than 500 Questions assessment. Birbal Advice Psychometric Test consists : Numerical Ability, Word Knowledge, Language Usage, Speed & Accuracy, Spatial Relations, Mechanical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

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Graduate & Post Graduate

Graduate Psychometric assessment is seen as a way of gauging your potential, skills, and knowledge. It's a proper mix of Employability Quotient and Skill Assessments, Workplace Competencies, and Personality Traits. Our psychometric test online will assess the candidate's aptitude skills, strength and weaknesses to choose a functional role in any organization.

Downlaod Sample Report